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Heavy Hitters - Digital Report 2011


One of the most recent success stories in the ScriptPro brag book is eRxCity, an independent one-unit pharmacy in New York’s Chinatown neighborhood that opened its doors in May 2011 with a marketing focus on “next-generation pharmacy.” The modern, 4,000-sq.-ft. store boasts a “fully automated pharmacy management system” that integrates with a “state- of-the-art dispensing robot” and incorporates local language requirements, state-specific compliance and New York State Medicaid regulations.


The founders of eRxCity, both American-born Chinese professionals with corporate backgrounds, claim to have spent a year planning the eRxCity concept and have cited trends in healthcare reform under the Obama administration, particularly with regard to “the push toward electronic prescribing,” as the impetus for their heavy reliance on technology.


The example of eRxCity is one of the latest in the ScriptPro public relations annals and represents the type of implementation Coughlin has been advocating for years. By layering a pharmacy management system on top of robotic dispensing, Coughlin believes he has the key to what he calls “perfect integration.”Community pharmacies face serious challenges that threaten profitability and operational stability,” Coughlin said. “[We provide] powerful systems to help community pharmacies meet operational challenges and capitalize on the many opportunities for growth and profit.”  


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