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eRxCity Grand Opening Press Release

eRxCity celebrated the grand opening of its flagship store on Tuesday, May 10, 2011, creating a new standard for pharmacies in this community.   eRxCity is founded by two American-born Chinese professionals, Priscilla Cheung (President) and Yvonne Tsang (Vice President) with corporate backgrounds in management, operations, IT and financials.  The founders spent more than a year planning the launch of eRxCity, focusing on current trends in healthcare reform, particularly with regards to the push towards electronic prescribing, while learning how to operate a pharmacy business in the Chinatown community.  Their research led to the concept of a pharmacy that can operate as efficiently and professionally as a chain, while maintaining the personal service expected from a community pharmacy.

With gross retail space of approximately 4,000 square feet, eRxCity offers a contemporary, spacious and inviting atmosphere unlike any other pharmacy in the area.  An open dispensing area provides customers with a clear view of the pharmacy’s fully integrated and automated workflow system, tracking prescriptions from point-of-entry to point-of-sale.  Customers can easily approach and directly interact with pharmacists at the counter to receive immediate attention and care.  The professional staff not only assists customers with their prescription needs, but also provides them with health and wellness information from eRxCity’s Health Corner. Furthermore, eRxCity’s Health Corner offers a free, interactive health station for customers to measure and track their biometrics such as blood pressure and weight over time.


Of particular note is eRxCity’s fully automated pharmacy management system, ScriptPro, which saves all prescriptions in an electronic format and minimizes manual entry for e-prescriptions.   eRxCity is currently the only retail pharmacy in New York City to utilize this advanced system. Barcode scanning is used throughout the system to ensure that the correct drug is given to the patient and provides the ability to trace the prescriptions to the exact operator and exact point in the pharmacy.  In addition, the system integrates with a state-of-the-art dispensing robot that can store up to 200 of the fastest-moving drugs in the pharmacy. The ScriptPro robot performs the time-consuming and tedious tasks of counting pills, filling vials and labeling prescriptions with counting accuracy of 99.7% and fills up to 150 prescriptions per hour. 


ScriptPro’s advanced technology ensures prescriptions are filled safely, accurately and efficiently, enabling eRxCity’s professional staff to focus on providing personalized service and better care to its customers.

For more information about eRxCity, please visit us at www.eRxCity.com

Pharmacy Location & Contact

185 canal street
new york, ny 10013

tel: 212.625.8339

fax: 212.625.8229

email: contactus@erxcity.com


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Open 7 days a week

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